Monday, October 5, 2009

Message from Los Angeles Chapter President

BDPA Los Angeles is the 14th largest chapter in the nation. Chapter president John Malonson is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of programs and services for BDPA stakeholders in southern California. He shared the following message this month:

"The bridge between your dreams and reality is a plan. Do you have one?"

Greetings BDPA LA family,

We all know somebody (or are that somebody) that dreams big but plans small. Without adequate planning, our goals and dreams remain elusive. This month, I encourage you to revisit your goals and validate them for "SMART"-ness. If the objectives to reach your goals do not meet the criteria below, it's time to update them.

It is time to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Goals.

Last month, event attendees learned how to augment their personal networks with online tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. BDPA LA is proud to announce that it has a presence on each. Be sure to link yourself and join today!

  1. BDPA on LinkedIn Group

  2. BDPA LA on Facebook

  3. BDPA LA on Twitter

Our program meeting this month focuses on How to Succeed in Your Job Search. Join us and learn from an actual recruiter regarding what today's employers look for in potential candidates. Feel free to bring a guest. Lunch provided to those that RSVP by email. Our guest speaker will focus on:
  • What Employers Want to Hear From You

  • Current/Future Market Trends

  • Building the Best Resume/Cover Letter

  • Job Search Resources that You "Don't" Know

  • Preparing for the Interview

  • Proper Post Interview Follow Up

  • Ask the Interviewer & Open Discussion

Our meeting will take place on Saturday, Oct. 24th @ 1:00 pm at the Tom Bradley Youth & Family Center (5213 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019).

I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

- John Malonson, president
BDPA Los Angeles Chapter

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PM Hut said...


Since you've mentioned SMART goals, I've published an excellent article on the subject, how they reduce ambiguity and increase commitment. You can find the article here. Hope you'll enjoy it and find it useful!