Monday, May 27, 2013

Goodrich Foundation

The Goodrich Foundation was formed in 1988. The Foundation's principal was established through a contribution by Goodrich Corporation. The Foundation also will give consideration to proposals that help junior high and high school students and teachers understand the relevance of math and science to society. The Foundation is supportive of efforts to link math and science taught in classrooms to application of these disciplines in the workplace.

Goodrich Foundation requires the following supporting documentation when submitting a grant proposal: current IRS determination letter proving 501(c)(3) status, current year program budget, annual report or current year financial statements and a contact list of key staff and board members.

The Foundation provides support to charitable organizations serving the needs of the public in Goodrich Corporation's United States headquarters and plant communities, to selected educational institutions and selected national groups. BETF review of Goodrich locations shows that we have co-located BDPA chapters in the following cities: Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Dayton, Gr. Columbia, Gr. Tampa Bay, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, No. Virginia, So. Florida and Twin Cities.

The Goodrich Foundation staff reviews grant requests quarterly. Deadlines for proposals are March 1 and August 1. Decisions are made by the members of the Goodrich Foundation Board of Trustees, who meet several times per year. Proposals funded in one year are not always assured of future funding.

Because the Foundation receives far more proposals than it can possibly support, many requests are declined and every effort is made to provide notification of the Foundation's decision within 90 days.

To request Goodrich Foundation funding, BETF will work with interested local BDPA chapter or national BDPA vice president to submit a Goodrich Foundation application.

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Wayne Hicks said...

BETF agreed to submit a $5,000 grant proposal to the Goodrich Foundation in support of the 2014 SITES program run by our BDPA Chicago chapter. The deadline is August 1st. Draft grant proposal (v1.0) shared with the chapter for its review and approval earlier today.