Friday, April 2, 2010

Public Welfare Foundation

Public Welfare Foundation Grants Program works with public and private entities, including nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations to address human needs in disadvantaged communities, with strong emphasis on organizations that include service, advocacy and empowerment in their approach:
  • service that remedies specific problems
  • advocacy that addresses those problems in a systemic way through changes in public policy
  • strategies to empower people in need to play leading roles in achieving those policy changes and in remedying specific problems

Public Welfare Foundation also looks for organizations that link their community and local work to other efforts to effect broader public policy change.

The Foundation provides both general support and project-specific grants. Although most grants cover a period of one year, the Foundation accepts requests for funding renewals and also makes multi-year grants. Grants for one-time purposes are also considered.

The Foundation makes a conscious effort to remain flexible so that it can respond to requests that address new, unusual, and immediate problems as they arise.

The Foundation does not accept requests to fund scholarships, graduate work, individuals, government projects, academic research or foreign study. Only when there is a close connection with their current work do they fund conferences, seminars or workshops, publications, video or media production projects, endowments, capital grants and equipment requests.

The Directors subscribe to and reaffirm the concept of a working Board, in which every member gives the necessary time and personal interest to maintain the high standards of the Foundation. It is Foundation policy that members of the board of directors make known any special interest or connection between themselves and a proposal under consideration. The director may then participate in the discussion, but may not vote, on the proposal. There is no prejudice against such proposals nor are they disqualified for this reason.

The average grant award is in the range of $25,000 thru $50,000.

Unless otherwise instructed please send all Letters of Inquiry and unsolicitd proposals VIA EMAIL to:

Public Welfare Foundation
Attn: Review Committee
1200 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009-4443
(202) 965-1800

I hope that this information on funding sources is useful to our BETF-Blog readers.

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