Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Allstate Giving Campaign

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) proudly received pledged payments through the 2010-2011 Allstate Giving Campaign made by Malvirse Dervin, Beverly Edwards, Yvette Graham, Sheri Holloman-McKinney, Tsion Kokebie, Cheryl Lewis, Ura Puranda, Desiree Webb-Walker and one anonymous employee.

Our foundation is proud to be part of the annual giving program for Allstate Insurance. The donations made by these eight (8) BDPA members will be used to support BDPA Chicago programs and services. Allstate Insurance leveraged the generosity of these BDPA employees with an additional 15% matching fund donation.

Our hope is that other BDPA members will consider making payroll deductions during annual giving campaigns put on by United Way, Combined Federal Campaign or the company itself. Others may simply want to make a one-time donation directly to BETF in support of the youth education programs taking place all over the country.

Please share some 'BDPA-Love' with Malvirse, Beverly, Yvette, Sheri, Tsion, Cheryl, Ura and Desiree.


Villager said...

All - Allstate Giving Campaign sent us the July/July/August payroll deduction payments from Malvirse Dervin, Yvette Graham, Beverly Edwards and Ura Puranda.

Our hope is that other Allstate employees will take advantage of this opportunity to make a payroll pledge!

Villager said...

All - Allstate just sent us check for the second quarter payroll deductions for the 2010-2011 giving campaign. This reflects payroll deduction payments collected in Sept-Nov 2010 from Malvirse Dervin, Yvette Graham, Beverly Edwards, Ura Puranda and an anonymous donor.

We continue to hope that others will research ways to support BDPA via payroll pledges in the coming days and weeks!