Friday, September 17, 2010

3M Foundation

Community giving is an important part of 3M’s sustainability strategy. 3M’s philanthropy combines 3M and 3M Foundation cash gifts, donated products and volunteerism by employees and retirees.

Employees participate in about 75% of their giving through:
  1. 3M Matching Gift Program for colleges and universities throughout the year and special matches for areas like hunger relief and environment.
  2. 3M Volunteer Match with contributions to nonprofit organizations where employees volunteer 20 hours or more and retirees volunteer 25 hours or more per year.
  3. Service on 3M advisory committees that shape funding priorities and assist with the review of grants.
  4. Volunteer service on non-profit boards or community projects
3M’s giving is decentralized with 3M subsidiaries in each country administering their own program that reflects the local culture and needs. BETF would need to send a letter of inquiry to 3M Foundation in order to get an invitation for submission of a grant proposal.

This appears to be a funding opportunity available to National BDPA Member Services business area *or* local chapters in: Atlanta, Austin, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, No. Delaware, Twin Cities or Washington DC.

BETF operates on a first-come; first-served basis. Anyone interested in working with us on this funding opportunity?

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