Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medtronic Foundation

Medtronic is passionate about improving the health of people and communities throughout the world, and their philanthropy, via the Medtronic Foundation, reflects that passion. The Medtronic Foundation focuses their grants and community involvement in the areas where they can make unique and positive contributions. These areas include improving the health of people with chronic diseases, educating future generations of scientific innovators, and enhancing the communities where we live and work.

Is your chapter co-located in acceptable locations?

This blog suggests that you look closely at the CommunityLink (Education) program within Medtronic Foundation grant options. These grants are available for nonprofit organizations in the United States (excluding Minneapolis/St. Paul).
  • Grant applications accepted by November 15
  • Applications available - September 1–November 15
  • Decision Date - April 15
BETF is willing to partner with any local chapter that is geographically eligible for this grant proposal. It appears Medtronic Foundation would accept online proposals for BDPA programs in --> Dallas/Ft.Worth, Los Angeles/Orange County, Memphis, Seattle or Twin Cities.

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