Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are BDPA Members Using Second Life?

Philena Rush gave an outstanding presentation on Second Life at the August 2010 program meeting hosted by BDPA Columbus chapter. Kai Dupe made a Second Life presentation at the 2007 BDPA Conference in Washington DC.

I've had an account on Second Life for a few years ... although I must admit that I haven't been on that virtual reality site recently. At one point I thought it would be a great marketing opportunity for BDPA to have a presence in Second Life.

I'm curious -- are there any BDPA members with a Second Life account? Here are the ones that I know about so far:
  1. Bernard D (Atlanta) - Tre Giles
  2. Kai Dupe (Austin) - Kai Soyinka
  3. Wayne Hicks (Cincinnati) - Villager Barbosa
  4. Thaddeus Howze (Bay Area) - Thaddeus Gray
  5. Philena Rush (Columbus) - LOM Runner
Anybody else?

If you're a Second Lifer ... would you like to see BDPA use it as a tool to recruit new members or find potential sponsors and donors?

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