Sunday, September 8, 2013

BDPA History: 1st Annual High School Computer Competition

There have been 28 national High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championships with over 1,000 HSCC alumni from all over the nation since the event was created by Dr. Jesse Bemley in 1986.

Dr. Bemley shared his memory of that first competition with us:
The National BDPA Competition was held at Maynard Jackson High School (formerly known as Southside Comprehensive High School), a magnet school for computer science, in Atlanta at 9:00am, September 20, 1986. The competition was made up of two sessions ... an oral question and answer session and a hands-on programming session. The judges ruled the DC team as the winner of the 1st Annual National BDPA Computer Competition and the announcement was made that night at the dinner dance where the trophies were presented. The team trained by BDPA Washington DC team received a long standing ovation.
My understanding is that only two teams competed in that first year: Atlanta and Washington DCI would love to learn the names of the high school students who competed in 1986. Don't you wonder where they are now?

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Linnie Frank Bailey said...

I have photos of this. Will have to find them and post.