Saturday, December 11, 2010

Election Results: BDPA New York (2011-2012)

We are pleased to announce that Renetta English has been elected to serve as 2011-2012 chapter president by the members of the BDPA New York chapter.   BDPA New York chapter has a lengthy and important legacy ... and Renetta is making the commitment to lead her chapter to the next level as we enter into the new decade.

Renetta is one of the hardest-working members in BDPA. She has been a member of BDPA since 2004 serving in several leadership roles. In 2008, she was the chapter's director of human resources. Currently, she serves as the chapter's vice president of Membership Management. It is worth noting that BDPA New York chapter membership has grown by 30% since she accepted this leadership role.

Renetta is dedicated to BDPA and believes it to be a premiere organization for IT professionals.
"We must all work together to participate in and promote the goald and mission of BDPA."
Renetta laid out her campaign platform to the chapter membership prior to the election. She has strong ideas about the future direction of BDPA New York in areas such as Membership, Youth Programs, Finances, Corporate Sponsorships, Political Relationships, Small Business Owners, Strategic Partnerships and Community.

Please join me in welcoming Renetta as the newest member of the National BDPA Board of Directors.

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