Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wayne Hicks Available as Program Meeting Speaker

I was a guest speaker at a BDPA Los Angeles program meeting back in the day. Our topic was simple, 'Why BDPA in Los Angeles?'. There was a good turnout and our dialogue with chapter members and leaders was quite candid and frank.

The chapter president, Andree Justin, shared the following testimonial on my presentation,

"Wayne's visit energized the chapter leadership and attending members. His enthusiasm and dedication to mentoring local chapters and sharing the goals and objectives of the BDPA exemplified the emotions, attitude and focus BDPA members should follow. We received great ideas about how to approach our challenges in serving LA stakeholders. Wayne reminded us that we represent every African American in this region. We now can approach our program development, community involvement and sponsor relationships with a much grandeur vision and mission. BDPA LA appreciates the time that Wayne took out to share with us and highly recommends other chapters to tap into his wealth of management, corporate, entrepreneurial and BDPA knowledge."

I am working on my 2011 speaking calendar. Click here to see my bio. I would love to come visit with your chapter over the coming weeks and months. POST A COMMENT if you are interested in exploring this opportunity.

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Unknown said...

I've been invited to serve as keynote speaker for BDPA New Jersey chapter on 1/31/2008. I'm looking forward to it!

Is your chapter looking for a guest speaker in 2008?