Thursday, December 30, 2010

Intelsat Foundation

Intelsat Foundation believes that strong cities, towns and neighborhoods begin with a vibrant community spirit and creative, grass-roots initiatives. These are vital to the well-being of our society and economy, and Intelsat is proud to play a role.

Their philanthropy mission is to inspire connections in the community by empowering individuals in the places where the company operates. As a business leader, Intelsat supports education and quality of life initiatives that help improve the lives of young people and that support the interests and energies of our employees.

Their outreach program includes charitable donations and active volunteerism, as well as in-kind assistance and gifting. They strive to work with fine community service organizations, building true partnerships that make a difference.

The company corporate offices are co-located with BDPA chapters in Atlanta and Washington DC. BETF is open to collaboration with either chapter if they are interested.

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