Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grant Declination: Northern Trust Centennial Fund (BDPA Chicago)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) worked closely with BDPA Chicago chapter president Pamela Sexton to submit a $7,500 grant proposal to the Northern Trust Centennial Fund. We made it to the final level of consideration, including a site visit. However, we learned that our funding request was not approved.

The declination letter read as follows:

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for submitting a grant proposal to the Northern Trust Centennial Fund for the Education of Children, a group-advised fund of The Chicago Community Trust. Your proposal for funding from BDPA Education and Technology Foundation was carefully reviewed by the Centennial Fund Committee. We regret to inform you that your program was not selected to receive a grant this year.

As is the case every year, the number of proposals and amount of funding sought by organizations such as yours far exceeded available resources. The Centennial Fund was not able to fund every deserving proposal.

On behalf of the Chicago Community Trust, Northern Trust and the Centennial Fund Committee, thank you for your efforts to improve the well-being of our community. We wish you success in your continued fundraising endeavors.

Kathy Pope
Assistant Director of Donor Services

BDPA Chicago is one of the best-run chapters in the nation. I'm confident that they will continue to find success in fundraising for its programs, scholarships and services. You can help by making a donation to the BDPA Chicago HSCC Scholarship Fund.

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