Saturday, October 20, 2012

BDPA Member Insights About

A brand new BDPA Job Board - - is now open and ready for business! We would love to hear what job seekers and recruiters have to say about this new job board.

One of the first to share her review of this new member service is Portia Westbrooks. Portia is a BDPA Chicago chapter member and a recruiting and diversity consultant. You can follow Portia on Twitter: @IT-Head_Hunter1. She wrote:

Portia Westbrooks
National BDPA’s ITDiversityCareers is an excellent job resource connecting IT professionals with employers. Job seekers can search nationwide for technology careers in many sectors. BDPA is recognized as the premier organization for African American information technology professionals. Corporate Sponsors ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to 'Fortune 100' corporations post job opportunities regularly and have access to a resume database of diverse technical talent. The number of job postings and resumes are continuing to grow.

The site is user friendly and registration is quick & easy. Even the most passive job seeker can have jobs meeting their search criteria created by My Job Search Agents, e-mailed to them or sent via RSS feed. The same person can post their resume “anonymously” and Recruiters can easily find them while sourcing resumes.

More active job seekers may want to utilize tools available to stay organized by tracking saved jobs and their job application history. The candidate dashboard is simple to navigate. There is even a function to add a photo to your profile if you wish!

Employers and IT professionals are successfully connecting using ITDiversityCareers. It is a benefit of BDPA membership that is shared with ALL technology professionals. Login or Create new Account today.

Have you had a chance to visit the new BDPA Job Board yet? If so, would you like to share your insights or review with us?

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