Friday, December 28, 2012

Black Male Mentoring Programs

I encourage all 'BDPAers' to find a way to support Black Male Mentoring Month in January 2013.

Perhaps you can help influence those schools, faith organizations, community organizations, fraternities and sororities in your sphere of influence to create and manage mentoring programs during January 2013 for young Black men. You can find ways to help at the National Cares Mentoring Movement or Mentoring USA. You will find a number of leaders in the mentoring movement at either of those websites.

Many of pulling together events for Black Male Mentoring Day -- January 19, 2013 -- which also happens to be the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please call the Black Star Project at 773.285-9600 to get an organizing kit to create a mentoring program in your community or your city.

The choice is ours ... either strong, positive Black men will mentor Black boys or somebody else will and we probably won't like the results!

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