Monday, January 7, 2013

Who Am I? - Craig Brown (National BDPA Vice President)

BDPA and the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation strive to make a difference in both the Black community. We have some serious people who volunteer to implement programs that will advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry. We don't always get a chance to know our BDPA leaders in a personal way. This blog decided to try and provide you with a different perspective ... a different look ... at our BDPA leaders.

Who Am I?

Dr. Craig Brown

  • MONTH, I would be... May
  • COLOR, I would be... Blue
  • TIME OF DAY, I would be... 5:00 AM
  • SUPERPOWER, I would be... Green Lantern
  • FLOWER, I would be... Tulip
  • SONG, I would be... Kiss by a Rose (Seal)
  • CAR, I would be... Volkswagen Bug (Original)
  • ITEM OF CLOTHING, I would be... Suspenders
  • ANIMAL, I would be... Rhino
  • FOOD, I would be... Steak - Filet (Medium Well)
  • MOVIE, I would be... Top Gun
  • CITY/TOWN, I would be... Chicago
  • SPORT, I would be... Motorcycle Racing
You can find Dr. Brown on Facebook, LinkedIn Network or Twitter.

Our hope is that Dr. Brown will join us here on the blog to share deeper insights into these things via the COMMENTS feature! What did you learn about our national vice president via this blog post that you may never have known otherwise?


Anonymous said...

The Rhino is what I would considered the most interesting fact out of the list that you have seen. You can look over the other items and probably figure them out on your own. Why the Rhino? I draw two facts about the Javen Rhino to your attention. They are at the top of the endangered species list. They also do not fare well in captivity. Something about their environment can not be recreated on a habitat.

As a Technology Entrepreneur I can relate to the environment and how one thrives. I am pretty sure that if I were captured I too would not fare well. I belong to a group of men and women that are at the top of the endangered species list and that list is comprised of people of Color in Technology Leadership positions.

BDPA is striving to change create, mentor, Train and Teach young people of color to not only enter into the technology arena but strive for and attain leadership positions.

Dr Craig Brown

Wayne Hicks said...

Craig - Thank you for sharing! The rhino is my favorite animal as well. Here is what I wrote about Rhino Success many moons ago on my other blog! Click here to read that post if you have time or inclination.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. That is a great representation of the Rhino. Now you make me want to write a blog tonight and post some rhino facts.

Dr Craig Brown