Friday, January 4, 2013

BDPA Newsletters from Chapters Around the Country


BETF-Blog Readers, would you like to see information about programs and services being offered all over BDPA nation? Here are some recent newsletters issued from around the country:
  1. National BDPA (Nov 2009) - 4-page BDPA-LINK contains articles about a BDPA entrepreneur (Carole Johnson), Windows 7, 2010 BDPA conference flyer and a map of local BDPA chapters.
  2. BDPA Atlanta (Oct 2012) - Digital newsletter with president's letter, articles on recent chapter webinars, national conference review and an update on the chapter's championship HSCC team.
  3. BDPA Bay Area (Mar 2010) - 1-page VOICE focused on Oracle scholarship announcement, Cyber risks and opportunities, Microsoft Windows 7 and much more.
  4. BDPA Chicago (Jun 2012) - 1-page ECLIPSE contains information on upcoming membership drive, community outreach efforts taking place at Soldier Field, and announcement of the keynote speaker for the upcoming annual education banquet.
  5. BDPA Cincinnati (Aug 2010) - 4-page INFORMATION EXCHANGE contains articles focused on 2010 BDPA Technology Conference recap, future direction of the chapter, pillars for improvement and article on strategic planning.
  6. BDPA Cleveland (Mar 2011) - Visions Newsletter features a six-page article of BDPA Cleveland Chapter activities that occurred during the month of February.
  7. BDPA Detroit (Nov 2008) - 4-page newsletter with articles on BDPA entrepreneur Carole Johnson, Windows 7, 2010 conference registration and map of BDPA chapters around the country.
  8. BDPA Houston (Dec 2001) - 12-page newsletter with articles on Windows XP, message from chapter president, Wireless E911, professional development, 2001 conference highlights, chapter member of the quarter, getting started with LINUX, culture change, BFTAW announcement and membership application.
  9. BDPA Los Angeles (Nov 2012) - Constant Contact newsletter with message from the chapter president, upcoming chapter programs, PSI Job Fair information, BDPA iRadio podcast and list of corporate sponsors.
  10. BDPA New Jersey (Sep 2009) - 6-page newsletter with message from chapter president, members on the move, Families in Technology Day and article on energy program for Newark school.
  11. BDPA New York (Dec 2012) - 6-page newsletter with message from the chapter president on the remarkable accomplishments that the chapter made in 2012.  Reviewing these accomplishments clearly shows all of us why the chapter has won back-to-back 'Chapter of the Year' awards!
  12. BDPA Northern Delaware (Aug 2010) - 4-page newsletter with articles on national IT Showcase competition, upcoming scholarship banquet, 2010 conference highlights, HSCC alumni update, photo album, message from the chapter president and membership corner.
  13. BDPA Orlando (Jan 2010) - Online newsletter with articles on Enterprise Florida, Orlando Business Journal job postings, Florida's best companies to work for in 2009, resume tips, PMP exam prep course, entrepreneurs, 2010 national BDPA conference and a message from the chapter president.
  14. BDPA Richmond (Dec 2007) - 1-page newsletter with articles on fundraiser, chapter workshop, 2007 national BDPA Technology Conference updates and information on BDPA VCU.
  15. BDPA Southern Minnesota (May 2007) - 10-page newsletter with articles on membership benefits, student testimonials, new chapter website, program meeting updates, bios of chapter board of directors and a message from the chapter president.
  16. BDPA St. Louis (June 2012) - 2-page newsletter with highlights on the most recent program meeting with local chief information officer as well as updates on coming events in St. Louis area.
  17. BDPA Triangle (Sep 2009) - 7-page Connection newsletter with 2009 conference review, message from the chapter president, introduction of new president-elect Carl Hill, sponsor appreciation message and articles on Johnson and Johnson's Zack Lemelle, federal IT jobs, top strategic technologies and virtualization.
  18. BDPA Washington DC (Nov 2012) - 28-page bdpatoday features Super Storm Sandy update, chapter calendar of events, message from National BDPA president, chapter awards banquet info, BDPA local chapter news from around the nation, BDPA Job Board update, ICT industry news and much more.

Am I the only one who misses The BDPA InsiderThat was a weekly compilation of blog posts, BDPA-related articles and Technology-based articles is the brainchild of National BDPA CIO Milt Haynes.

You can find repository of prior BDPA newsletters in the files section of our BDPA-Communications YahooGroup. You may need to subscribe to the BDPA-Communications YG before you can download the files located in that repository.

However, we would love to post a link to your chapter's most recent newsletter right here on the BETF-Blog. Our vision is to have 45 chapter newsletters listed here. Of course, it would be nice if all chapter newsletters would publish information about the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation in each issue as well!

Is your chapter's most recent newsletter listed?


Unknown said...

All - Chicago (Mar 2008), Los Angeles (Mar 2008) and Washington DC (Apr 2008) links updated on this post today...

Unknown said...

All - National BDPA has a new monthly newsletter called the BDPA Link. We've updated this post with a link to the May 2008 LINK!

The Urban Scientist said...

Eddie Griffin hipped me to a great Young scientist program for 5th - 8th graders, co-sponsored by 3M. I encourage you all to post/share the announcement with your blog readers and BDPA chapters.

Unknown said...

Urban Scientist - I took your advice. There is a new post on our blog about the Young Scientist Challenge for middle-school students...

Unknown said...

All - Washington DC (May 2008) link updated today. Is your chapter's newsletter listed?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Lisa - Asante sana!