Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 BDPA Individual Epsilon Award Winners

National BDPA annually selects and awards the BDPA Epsilon Award to recognize and celebrate key contributions and accomplishments of its members. Nominations are accepted across five categories and they are evaluated by a team of National BDPA members in accordance with the descriptions below.
  • Career Achievement - Highly experienced professionals who have significant career accomplishments and/or contributions throughout their career
  • Community Service - Individuals who have demonstrated, by meaningful results, strong partnership and collaboration with entities in the communities they reside
  • Most Promising Technologist - Individuals who have been recognized as future technology leaders based on their drive, commitment and results thus far in their careers
  • Outstanding Technical Contribution - Individuals who have pioneered new or leveraged existing technology to solve a critical business or technical problem
  • Professional Achievement - Individuals who have reached or realized a significant milestone in their career, corporate or otherwise, that is noteworthy
This year, National BDPA is pleased to honor the following 24 individuals with Epsilon Awards:
  1. Dr. Reginald Brothers, Department of Defense, Professional Development
  2. Dr. Craig Brown, Nexeo Solutions, Community Service
  3. Eugene Cook, Wal-Mart, Outstanding Technical Contribution
  4. Victoria Cotton, American Airlines, Outstanding Technical Contribution
  5. Adrian Crews, Wells Fargo, Community Service
  6. Dr. Shaundra B. Daily, Clemson University, Most Promising Technologist
  7. Norman Fleming, MillerCoors, Professional Development
  8. Karamu Ford, American Airlines, Career Achievement
  9. Zack Garbow, Funeral Innovations, Most Promising Technologist
  10. Victor Gavin, US Navy, Career Achievement
  11. David Hopkins, American Airlines, Career Achievement
  12. Maria Hutsell, Wells Fargo, Career Achievement
  13. Dr. Tayo Ibikunle, JPMorgan Chase, Career Achievement
  14. Kimberly Jackson, American Airlines, Professional Development
  15. Cedric Jamison, American Airlines, Community Service
  16. Ted Jordan, Funutation Tekademy, Professional Development
  17. Dr. Kyla A. McMullen, Clemson University, Professional Development
  18. Anthony Reed, Reed CPA PC, Community Service
  19. Subrena Robinson, State Farm Insurance
  20. Justin Simpson, Wal-Mart, Most Promising Technologist
  21. Decarlas Smith, American Airlines, Most Promising Technologist
  22. Stacy Stewart, Health Care Service Corporation, Community Service
  23. J. Darrel Thomas, HP, Outstanding Technical Contribution
  24. Patrice Yapo, American Airlines, Outstanding Technical Contribution
BDPA will recognize several these accomplished individuals at this year’s 35th Annual BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair, August 14-17, 2013, at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC.

BDPA is recognized nationally as a global member-focused technology organization with over 45 active chapters in the United States. BDPA continues to stand as a leader in delivering 21st century technological programs, college scholarships, mentoring, support and services for youth and adult information technology professionals.

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