Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BDPA Charlotte High School Computer Competition Team (2013)

The Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program hosted by our BDPA Charlotte chapter introduces middle school and high school students to concepts of information technology and business acumen. Students participate in 3-hour training sessions each Saturday, from February through July, to learn web application development from basic HTML to MySQL and ASP.NET programming with the Visual Studio development environment.

Front Row: Reo Austin, Carlton Austin, Candace Clark, Tyra Harrison, Julius Clark, Jr.
Row 2: Christopher Hoffler, Darrah Stubblefield, Evan Howard, Briona Goni, Breonna Harrison
Back Row: Melvin Rogers (trainer), Katy Hoffler (coordinator)

The class is led by experienced IT trainers.  All course material is contained on a secure Internet-accessible on-line learning web site. Students are given graded tests, interviews and homework assignments throughout the course. Students with the highest scores are chosen to compete at the National High School Computer Competition championship held during the annual BDPA Technology Conference.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is working with BDPA Charlotte chapter to provide college scholarships to some of these young people who perform well in the SITES program.   We need your help to reach our fundraising goals for this scholarship fund.  Please visit our secure online fundraising platform and do what you think is right for these hard-working students and volunteers!

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