Friday, July 19, 2013

BDPA Chicago High School Computer Competition Team (2013)

BDPA encourages youth technology education for K-12 students all over the nation under the umbrella of its Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program. One component of the SITES program in Chicago is the High School Computer Competition Club ... an intensive program designed to identify, select and foster the skills of middle- and high-school students that have an aptitude for computer programming.

Here is a photo of some of the 19 students engaged in the 2013 SITES program who are under the tutelage of BDPA Chicago chapter volunteers:

L-R: Leroy Cook, Jacob Williams, Nile Amudoaghan, Byron Wooden
Ian Crowder, Tyrese Cook, Julian Anderson, Malcom Range
Not Shown: Nathaniel Reese, Cassandra Bey, Kailyn Wade, Gabriel Reyes, Avery Manuel
Kelvin Steven Jr., Kierra Steven, Rakim Verner, Zachary Akers, Ryan Napre, Nick Cohn
The chapter's goal is to teach students how to use software solutions to solve business problems. Problem solving is emphasized throughout the training. In addition to learning a great deal of technology, the students will be coached on how to conduct themselves in a professional manner. They will learn how to analyze a problem, design and implement a solution. They will learn how to lead and participate as effective members of a team.

BDPA Chicago wants to provide college scholarships to the highest-performing students this year. You can help ... please take a moment to make a secure online donation to the BDPA Chicago HSCC Scholarship Fund!

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