Thursday, October 31, 2013

Message From BDPA Atlanta Chapter President

D.S. Brown
Earlier this month, BDPA Atlanta presented thoughts and ideas that were centered on personal career growth. Where are you on your career life path? Have you asked yourself the right questions to continue forward? Are you doing the things necessary to get yourself to the next level?

Mike Williams, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services at FIS spoke to us about the Turning Points. He explained to the audience the premise that in all our lives we will encounter moments and lessons of criticality, moments and lessons of choice where the resulting decision will ultimately alter the trajectory of our lives. It was a powerfully clarifying and motivating hour of exposition and dialogue.

Mike Williams
Mike took the time to talk to us about the turning points, and explained to us why they matter, for example knowing if you are too comfortable, you probably aren’t growing, or don’t just talk to your neighbor, talk to everyone. This last point is very near to me, as one of my personal sayings is build a network, leverage a network, create an opportunity.

He continued to expose us to his ideas on personal growth by sharing his I.D.E.A.L model of individual identification, I is for Influencers, D is for Distractors, E is for Enablers , A is for Achievers, and L is for Leaders. He continued to explain this model by providing examples of it in action.

The audience engaged Mike on these points as well as asking him about his personal journey and how he managed to achieve his level of success. It was a very informative dialogue. If this is the kind of information you crave, if you would like information that would help you achieve your goals, then come out and join BDPA Atlanta chapter. We are the group you need in IT in order get where you need to go.

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,
D.S. Brown, chapter president
BDPA Atlanta

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