Saturday, November 16, 2013

Message from Incoming BDPA Midwest Region Vice-President

Michael Wulf
Last time I was in Reno, NV I bowled a 3-game series of #600 ("my best ever") ... this time its about what drives me: "Culture for Service, Service to Humanity" - now serving on the National BDPA board of directors.

This weekend marks my first ever meeting as a national officer representing the BDPA Midwest Region as Vice-President. I've had my reality checks and now I adjust and learn from my peers. I am truly honored to have been asked and selected to represent the fine work done by so many dedicated volunteers at BDPA. They work tirelessly to create networking and training opportunities for emerging and existing IT professionals.

In addition, a tradition of giving back by "raising up" youth in the community by offering incredible (free) application development training and more to middle & high school students that have an interest in making a career and bettering their odds at getting a six-figure income. Many kids trained by BDPA come out of high school ready to take on corporate application development roles in traditional and mobile platforms.

I thank God every day for allowing me enough strength to work, go to school, ride and volunteer. Everything I do must have a purpose, somehow, ... for some reason I am placed on this earth for a reason. Taking the Blessings others have given to me along my life and career and hopefully doing "good" for someone.

Michael Wulf, VP-elect
BDPA Midwest Region

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