Thursday, January 23, 2014

Message from BDPA Greater Birmingham President

LaDonna Crum
I will start off by saying that if you missed this meeting ('BDPA Greater Birmingham – A Look into 2014'), you missed a wealth of information. Thank you for those of you that was able to attend. Also, thank you Mahari McTier!

As always, let’s remember to RENEW our membership. Based on the question posed by Cedrick, we do believe that networking is important.
This Kick Off Meeting added new avenues for our chapter to grow.
  1. We touched on Membership. We discussed more aggressive ways to RECRUIT new members. This includes a marketing strategy that will allow us to identify locations throughout Birmingham and distribute fliers/postcards and to approach our local college and introduce ourselves.
  2. We touched on building a Network of local entities that rely on BDPA Greater Birmingham for IT professionals and IT Services. And as a result, this will create value for our members at the local level.
  3. We touched on creating Programs (in addition to the current programs) such as, workshops at our local churches for computer literacy and career assistance. Other programs, like IT Boot Camp at Miles College during the summer. And Internships for our students.
  4. We discussed local funding and potential corporate sponsors, as well as, alliances with other non-profit groups.
  5. We acquired a number of contacts in different capacities that have been known to support a healthy cause, such as ours.
So, we covered a broad number of topics and I must admit that the feedback from this meeting was phenomenal!

Thank you!
A message from your local Prez.
LaDonna Crum, president
BDPA Greater Birmingham
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