Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bemley Scholar James Arama Shares Educational Success with His Mom

One of the shining stars in BDPA history is James Arama. James is a 2-time national BDPA High School Computer Competition champion who used his Jesse Bemley Scholarship money to help fund his computer science degree at Marist College.

BDPA cannot take full credit for the educational achievements of this young squire. He had a powerful example set for him by his mother.
James wrote, "The graduates to be! My mom graduates today from South Central College with her nursing degree. I'm graduating from Marist next week with my computer science degree! Flew in for the day to capture this moment. We made it!!!! #beyondblessed"
BDPA Education and Technology Foundation wants to provide more college scholarship funding at the upcoming 36th annual BDPA Technology Conference on August 5-9, 2014 in Indianapolis. We are short of our fundraising goal. We encourage you to make a secure online donation in honor of James Arama and his mom!
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