Friday, May 2, 2014

Message from BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President

Dalric Webb
Spring is here and the BDPA Cincinnati chapter is warming up like the weather!  The month of May brings birds singing, flowers blooming, and a renewed sense of purpose to the air. I’d like to unofficially designate the BDPA Cincinnati chapter as the “Spring” chapter this month. With the sustained efforts of the hard working volunteers, our membership continues to grow and we continue to execute on many areas of community engagement contained in our 2014 action plan!

Please join me in welcoming Shavon Webb to the chapter's Board of Directors as our director of Career Development Department.  Welcome Shavon!

BDPA Cincinnati is the fastest growing chapter in the nation!  The membership has grown 88% since the beginning of the year.  Congratulations to the Membership Management team and welcome to all the new members! We want to make the BDPA experience meaningful to our members ... so keep an eye out for upcoming 'members-only' events and activities.  Use the BDPA Cincinnati Groupsite for news on special membership benefits and events.   If you are not currently a member ... what are you waiting on?

Of course, with any great power, such as being a member of the BDPA organization, comes great responsibility! We still need more hands to accomplish the tasks that benefit our communities and the members of our organization. Won’t you lend a hand? I will be posting a special request for volunteers this month in our Groupsite.  Our chapter has STRONG technically focused members and I hope MANY of you will step forward to give back to our community and our industry, while also furthering your own success! For those of you who I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting, you will understand when I say, I will be calling! Please answer the call.

Our Vice President of Strategy & Planning helped us document strong relationships being built with the University of Cincinnati and Per Scholas! These relationships bring more opportunities for our members to grow and develop as well as greater opportunities for networking and exposure to other professionals in the area.

Many of our strategic partners and hiring managers attend our monthly program meeting held on the third Wednesday each month at Brown Mackie College.  Our next program meeting, 'Rapid Prototyping, Visualization and Simulation' takes place on May 21st.  This will be a very special and informative meeting you again, don’t want to miss. I hope to see you there.

Speaking of our program meeting, I must give a very special thank you to last month's guest speaker, Crystal Kendrick (The Voice of Your Customer). Crystal delivered an OUTSTANDING presentation that is still being discussed to this very day! It is these opportunities to engage with professionals and leaders within our community in a non-stressful environment that is one of the “secrets to success” in BDPA.

We draw closer to the 36th annual National BDPA Technology Conference in Indianapolis on August  5-9, 2014.  Our chapter will take a strong team to compete (and WIN) the National BDPA High School Computer Competition championship.  We will also have student members competing in both the BDPA IT Showcase and the Mobile Application Showcase.  The support of these students’ dreams and technical growth is important to our BDPA vision to take them 'from the classroom to the boardroom'!

Before I close, let me ask a simple question; are you willing to invest five (5) hours per month in your own success? If so, I again ask that you consider joining the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Board of Directors. We have a very strong team which works VERY well together to accomplish our mutual goals and objectives. You will be in the company of some really good, positive and smart people with a passion for not only YOUR success, but the success of our youth and our communities.  Please consider taking one of the open positions within the chapter. No role is too small and the need is great. You can do this. We need you. Our communities need you. Our students need you. Can you lend a hand? Contact me directly if you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities.

As always, your feedback is earnestly solicited. How is your BDPA membership working out for you? How can we improve the value of your membership? Send me a note or pull me to the side at the monthly program meeting. This is YOUR chapter. Are you feeling engaged?

Dalric Webb, president
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter
(513) 549-6991
Twitter: @BDPACincinnati
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