Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Message from Cincinnati Chapter Past President

Frank Hill served as president of BDPA Cincinnati chapter in 2006-2007. The chapter won national Chapter of the Year in his first year and runner-up for Chapter of the Year in his second year. Also, the chapter earned awards for both chapter management and professional service during those same two years.

Frank took some time to share his thoughts yesterday to BDPA Cincinnati stakeholders. I'm passing along those thoughts to a larger audience:

Good morning BDPAer's,

It's Saturday morning and I'm grading assignments for a class that I'm teaching. The title of the assignment that I'm grading now is "The Time of Your Life." The student chose this title, however,

It provided inspiration to me share this email. It got me thinking about the inspirational side of teaching. During the current recession many people are re-tooling and learning new skills and this is a great time for this to happen. At the same time, the demand for folks to teach and coach is up.

The thought that I would like for you to consider is whether you can gain as much or more from teaching a class as attending classes. I was personally in this position about 10 years ago. I was talking to a friend about re-tooling and what would be the best way to accomplish this. I had signed-up for classes at one of the training centers in town and my friend who had known me for a long time said something to me that I had not considered. He knew my background and told me that I should be teaching some of the classes that I had signed-up for. Although this did not sound rational at the time, the thought stuck with me.

Less than a year later, opportunity knocked, as it does from time-to-time. One of the instructors at a local college had an emergency hospital stay. I was asked to fill-in for him. I filled-in to teach a web programming class and as the saying goes, "the rest is history" I have been teaching computer related courses to BDPA student and local college students since that day. I am now, also engaged in the web development business. My business and my professional growth have been greatly enhanced by the teaching experienced.

Opportunity knocks; BDPA has an objective of advancing careers and upgrading technical skills in the community. BDPA Cincinnati also has a $121,000 software grant from Microsoft as well as facility support from local sponsors.

The chapter has the where-with-all to do a great deal of training, the chapter need some of you to decide whether you can benefit from a teaching experience. If you are inclined to embark on this journey and have "The Time of Your Life", drop me a line.

Have a great morning!

Frank Hill, past president
BDPA Cincinnati chapter

Are you going to take Frank up on his offer?

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