Friday, November 20, 2009

Message from Richmond Chapter Past President

BDPA Richmond chapter past president Jackie Pryor shared a passionate plea for more of us to volunteer in support of our youth education programs. Another past president of our Richmond chapter, Annette Yates, was moved to share her thoughts on BDPA volunteerism:

Good Morning BDPA Members and Non-BDPA Members and Jackie,

Of all the posts I have seen this year I must say this is my favorite and I am sure those of you who know me, know why. This post captures the true vision and mission of BDPA Richmond.

It was through volunteer service at the elementary, middle and high schools in Richmond and the college campuses at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, Old Dominion University and Virginia Union University that helped me understand my role in BDPA Richmond. Through that knowledge and the self awareness that materialized, I realized that I had something to give others. From that day on, I was determined to give my heart and soul to ensuring that the students and BDPA Richmond members that I met, mentored and coached were exposed to as much knowledge about community outreach, networking, mentoring and giving back as I could.

In that vein, I witnessed the BDPA Richmond chapter explode with enthusiasm for helping others and that is what sustained this chapter for this long. Believe me I did not do this alone, I was merely one of catalyst that ignited the flame in many others along the way.

As Jackie said, it is time to get back on track. Just as you could see below realization was enhanced by just being with the students for a short period of time. She is conveying to you that these students need us. With their varied situations of knowledge and preparation for the future we all can make a difference. The only way you will get the giving back bug is to get into these schools and college campuses to see the need and know that if we all band together we can make a difference.

Today, I am still in touch with many of the students. It is because I know I made a difference in their lives. They have been reaching out to me via email, on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can just imagine what a surprise and how refreshing it is for me, after being in BDPA for almost 20 years to still have these young people contact me. This shows me that it was all worth my efforts. We are all in harder economic times but giving back to our youth only costs our hearts.

The current BDPA Richmond administration is working very hard but they cannot take the chapter to the next level without some additional support. Although I am now residing in Phoenix, through the use of technology I am still helping where I can though knowledge, sending fundraising information to my vast network, being a part of various committees to do what I can from here. I am so vested in knowing the potential this chapter has that I recently renewed my membership for the next 5 years.

To add to Jackie's plea, I would like to ask that you please consider stepping up to the plate. It is not for the adults in the chapter, but for the community outreach programs that we are making a difference with in our communities. If you feel you do not have the time to donate please don't forget that all of the education programs could use financial support.

Our President of the United States has been asking ALL of you for almost a year to step up your volunteer actions. This is such a worthy avenue to do just that!!

On behalf of BDPA Richmond, please share Jackie's message and mine if you like with others so that we can continue to make a difference in the Richmond, Virginia communities.

This email is being sent to all of my Virginia networks because I do believe that BDPA Richmond chapter can make a bigger impact if WE ALL help in some way!!

Please send an email to to learn more about the organization, to volunteer your time or make a donation to one of the education programs.

Annette Yates, Owner
Curves South Mountain
(602) 470-4500

Jackie and Annette have laid out a powerful message for Richmond chapter that probably applies to the other 44 BDPA chapters around the nation. What say u?

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