Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Ur Good On Grants (Deadline: Feb 22, 2010)

Miley Cyrus is partnering with Youth Service America to mobilize teens through Get Ur Good On, a social network that brings together youth to support each other in their mission to do "good" in their communities.

"People my age are making positive contributions to their communities every single day," said Miley Cyrus. "My generation is one that cares about the environment, about hunger, and about human rights. We use the Internet, videos, and even music to raise awareness of these issues to our friends and family," continued Cyrus. "I'm excited to see so much energy to do 'good' from teens."
More than 3,600 "volunteers" are registered on Get Ur Good On, a space for them to discover what needs fixing in the world, find information on how to get involved, and showcase their work in schools and communities through photos, videos, and blogs. The site links Miley Cyrus' star power with youth voice, giving kids an opportunity to demonstrate how one person can make a difference. Youth interested in sharing their stories about volunteering and community service, learning about important issues, and making civic-minded friends can visit They can upload videos that show how they have made a difference in their local, national, and global communities.

Get Ur Good On Grants are available for youth-led service initiatives on Global Youth Service Day, April 23-25, 2010. Available to children and youth around the world, YSA's Get Ur Good On Grants will award 100 $500 grants to support projects addressing critical community needs such as poverty, education, and environmental sustainability. Grant applications are due February 22, 2010. The first step in the process is to take the eligibility quiz.

Personally, I hope that we have BDPA student members from all over the nation taking the quiz to try to win one of those $500 grants. What say u?

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