Saturday, December 12, 2009

Message from Greater Tampa Bay Chapter President

Next Thursday is our final meeting of the year -- and what a year it has been! Here are a few highlights:
  • Partnerships with Computer Mentors Group, Lives Under Construction, Univ of South Florida, the US Air Force Academy and Upward Bound

  • First Annual Golf Charity Event with Computer Mentors

  • At-Risk Youth: Student Computer, Biz and Life Skills Training (15 students)

  • Three Students Participated in Annual High School Computer Competition

  • First Annual Greater Tampa Bay Youth Awards Breakfast (30+ students given certificates or plaques)

  • Initiated ACT, SAT College Prep Training led by Manish K.

  • Helped members find consulting, part time & full-time jobs during the tough economic downturn

For our final meeting we will outline strategic plan for 2010 and highlight key dates. We will need assistance for:
  1. Training midschool and high school students in computer tech, health and fitness, biz and career/life skills each Saturday morning from 9 to 12:00 noon (can alternate instructors so each of us would only have to train 1 or 2 times per month)

  2. March Golf Charity Event - Need volunteers to help with planning and operations the day of the event as well as players for the tournament
  3. ACT, SAT College Prep - Need volunteers to assist with online and some face-to-face training/mentorship for at-risk high school students

Finally, we sent out the following email to students and parents of college bound students:

BDPA & Computer Mentors Group Partner with US Air Force Academy and Air Force ROTC for College Scholarships (DEADLINE: 28 FEB 2010)

Dear Students and Parents:

First, I want to thank you for supporting Computer Mentors Group and BDPA and making 2009 an unqualified success even in the midst of the challenging economic recession. And it looks like we are finally seeing positive economic signs and the return of jobs. Now to the matter of college opportunities.

Earler in the year, we mentioned to many of the parents and students that there are amazing scholarship opportunities worth pursuing, but you need to remain active and move fast. We have an arrangement with Academy Admissions (US Air Force Academy (USAFA) / ROTC / Prep School) to support our Greater Tampa Bay Area students who wish to pursue college. Open enrollment for USAFA begins online now.

Here's what you need to do to get started:

Go to, type Summer Seminar in the Search window (top right), and then click the link click here half way down the page. The summer seminar program allows you to visit USAFA first hand and tour the campus in Colorado Springs, CO.

Window Closes: 28 Feb 2010 (DEADLINE!!)

Kind regards,
Frank Shines, president
BDPA Greater Tampa Bay
Mobile: (813) 454-5325
Skype: FShines

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