Sunday, December 6, 2009

Take Five: Rod Flakes (Boston Metrowest)

Rod Flakes became president of BDPA Boston chapter in October 2008. He is an IT operations manager for the Department of Mental Health in Massachusetts. He was kind enough to participate in our Take Five interview series:

  1. How did you get involved in working with BDPA? - I have known many of the members of the local Boston chapter through working at Digital Equipment Corporation. About three years ago I went to one of their program meetings and was impressed with the possibilities. Last year I joined and also became chapter president.

  2. What is the most rewarding aspect of working with BDPA? - I am impressed with the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization. I especially like working with college students as they consider future career choices.
  3. Tell us about a defining moment in your life? - About two weeks after I arrived on Howard’s campus, four girls were killed in the 16th Street Baptist church bombing in Birmingham. Being from Birmingham and having just graduated from high school that June, I knew Denise McNair’s mother. Cynthia Wesley went to my high school. The impact of this event is still with me today. I dedicated myself then to be the best I could be in memory of those whose lives were cut short in the struggle. This sustained me as I pursued and received my Engineering degrees, and various professional jobs.
  4. Who is your hero and why? - I don’t have heroes or a hero. I believe everyone is blessed with a God given gift and talent.
  5. Any advice for people considering donation to BETF? - The donation to BETF is worthwhile because it contributes to the positive motivation of our youth to pursue professional careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) environment. When you consider contributing to BETF in whatever amount, it is cheaper then what ignorance, idleness, and lack of motivation cost.

BDPA is blessed to have leaders with the experience to take us to the next level. What did you learn from Rod's Take Five interview?

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