Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips for Nonprofit Websites

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Mary Kelly, CEO of Productive Leaders, is not only an economist and national leadership speaker, but she's also a nonprofit Board member and volunteer. Recently, she shared some solid reminders for nonprofit websites with us:

  1. Keep your website updated. Nothing sends potential donors away faster than an old website. It makes the organization seem as though you are no longer active.
  2. Put future as well as past events on the website. If it doesn't seem like the organization is doing anything, people won't feel compelled to be part of it.
  3. List what you need, not just that you need money. Telling people that you need $18,000 to buy a van to shuttle senior citizens to medical appointments 7 days a week, operating 12 hours a day is a compelling cause. Telling people you need $18,000 is not.
  4. Give people the opportunity to give more than money. Someone might have that van, though they don't have $18,000. List what you need that you would have to pay for (accounting services, plumbing, website design, dog food, trash bags, whatever). People who might not be able to write a check might have the talent or resources that you need.
Do a quick check-in on your organization's website. Can you put a check mark next to all of these items? If not, these quick changes could bring more donors and volunteers your way!

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