Friday, December 16, 2011

Millipore Foundation

Millipore Foundation strives to fulfill its social obligation of serving the public interest directly through contributions to selected non-profit organizations and institutions primarily in science education, bio-science research, and local community support. The following guidelines serve as touchstones for their contributions:
  • Their contributions are consistent with Millipore's presence in the community and are closely related to the community’s activities.
  • Their contributions are in amounts commensurate with available funds and desired results.
  • They take the initiative, when appropriate, to support new projects or new non-profit organizations, and sometimes seek to leverage additional support from other sources (by a challenge grant or otherwise).
  • They conduct periodic evaluations of the programs and projects they support; support of any program or project at one point in time does not guarantee continued support.
  • Although they coordinate all contributions centrally, they encourage Millipore site managers around the country to submit funding proposals that address the specific needs of their local communities.
Unfortunately, they cannot meet every request due to the high number of groups in need of assistance. In order to focus our activities and resources on those areas which make a significant impact, they sponsor organizations and institutions most closely connected to Millipore's goals and identity, and to the Millipore Giving Program’s purpose. Therefore you should review the following criteria before submitting a request.

Primary support is given to programs related to education, science, and sustainability initiatives. At the local level, social service and public safety programs will be considered for funding. Programs which serve Greater Boston, MA, Bedford, MA, Billerica, MA, Burlington, MA, Danvers, MA, Jaffrey, NH, Kankakee, IL, Lawrence, MA, Lowell, MA, St. Charles, MO or Temecula, CA will be considered for funding. Only organizations with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status will be considered for funding.

If your program meets all of these criteria, you may submit a copy of your 501(c)3 certificate, your tax I.D.. #, and a letter of inquiry no more than two pages in length briefly describing: your organization, the program for which funding is sought, and the amount of funding requested. Those organizations whose programs are of interest to Millipore will be invited to submit full proposals.

Please mail or email your letter of inquiry to:

Tara Duplaga
Millipore Giving Program
290 Concord Road
Billerica, MA 01821

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is willing to work with any eligible chapter to submit letter of inquiry. It appears that we may have only one co-located chapter -- Boston.

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