Friday, November 4, 2011

BDPA Adds Another Scholarship Fundraiser to Ed Norton's Crowdrise Platform

With all the hoopla of a Hollywood release – but with some of the Gen X slacker style of its founder – actor Edward Norton’s Crowdrise - a much-hyped blend of social media and star power aiming to be the next big fundraising and volunteering platform. The value prop is familiar: you make a profile, you create a campaign, get your friends to volunteer or give, promote on Twitter or Facebook and move up the leaderboards. And there are prizes galore for high-achieving campaigns, from sweatshirts to iPhones and Macs.

Read the rest of the article here.

Here are some BDPA-related fundraising projects currently on Crowdrise:
  1. BDPA IT Corps (Global)
  2. BDPA Virtual (Columbus) 
  3. Brandon Berry Memorial Scholarship (Cincinnati)
  4. Brandon Gardner Memorial Scholarship (Los Angeles)
  5. Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarships (Nationwide)
  6. HSCC Scholarships (Baltimore)
  7. HSCC Scholarships (Baton Rouge)
  8. HSCC Scholarships (Charlotte)  
  9. HSCC Scholarships (Chicago) 
  10. HSCC Scholarships (Cleveland)     
  11. HSCC Scholarships (Detroit)
  12. HSCC Scholarships (Hartford)
  13. HSCC Scholarships (Middle Tennessee) *NEW*
  14. HSCC Middle Tennessee (2011)
  15. HSCC Scholarships (New York) 
  16. HSCC Scholarships (Philadelphia)
  17. HSCC Scholarships (Richmond)
  18. HSCC Scholarships (Triangle)  
  19. SITES Scholarships (Atlanta
  20. SITES Scholarships (Dallas)
Please visit the BDPA Foundation Crowdrise page if you have time or inclination!


Villager said...

Asante sana to Jessye Bemley for her donation via Crowdrise to the scholarship fund named after her dad!

Villager said...

Asante sana to Kai Dupe for his donation via Crowdrise for the Bemley Scholarship Funds.

Villager said...

All - We would love to see scholarship funding projects for all 45 local BDPA chapters. Is your chapter interested?