Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week (Dec 4-10)

There are too few African American students graduating with computer science degrees. BDPA and its supporters work hard to prepare high school and college students for success in the Information Technology industry. One way that we can all help is to support CSEdWeek 2011, taking place December 4-10. This is a week-long celebration of computer science education.

In today's world the impact of computing and the need for computer science education in our schools is more important than it's ever been! Find out more and don't forget to Pledge Your Support to CSEdWeek and let them know how you are celebrating the week. One way that all local BDPA chapters can help is to share information about computer science degrees at their upcoming program meetings or in their upcoming newsletters.

Parental and community encouragement can go a long way to leading children to a comprehensive education that will prepare them for the future. In today's world, that education must include computer science, as computers are everywhere. But how many of us understand how computers work, or how they help us solve some of today's most complex challenges?

Computer science explores these questions. Use CS Unplugged to explain to students how computers work, and at the same time, how computers help them address critical mathematics and science concepts from number systems and algorithms to manipulating variables and logic.

The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) encourages all of our readers to hold an event celebrating CSEdWeek in your area! Are you wondering where to start and how to plan it? CSEdWeek has a toolkit to help.

BETF is proud to note that the 2011 CSEdWeek Vice Chair, Ruthe Farmer, is Director of Strategic Initiatives for the National Center for Women and Information Technology was a guest earlier this year on the BDPA iRadio Show.

Do you plan to 'get busy' with CSEdWeek this year?

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