Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 10 BDPA Chapters (Membership, Nov 2012)

The lifeblood of any nonprofit association is its membership. Success with organizations like BDPA can be distilled into three words: MEMBERSHIP. MEMBERSHIP. MEMBERSHIP.

If you accept that truth then it is worth the time to honor those local BDPA chapters who are demonstrating success in their efforts to recruit and retain members. Let's take a look at the ten largest chapters in BDPA-Nation:
  1. Chicago - president, Pamela Sexton
  2. Atlanta - president, Felicia Jones
  3. Philadelphia - president, Eileen Gadsden
  4. New Jersey - president, Goldie Bonney
  5. Cincinnati - president, Clarence Larcarte
  6. New York - president, Renetta English
  7. Los Angeles - president, John Malonson
  8. Dallas - president, Stacy Stewart
  9. Southern Minnesota - president, Melcon Hinds
  10. Washington DC - president, Perry Carter

The top two chapters - Chicago and Atlanta - are members of the 'BDPA Century Club', which means that they have over 100 members. One of the common denominators for each of these chapters is that they place a high premium on the delivery of quality programs and services to their members. These chapters work hard to ensure that there is a strong return on the $100 investment that each member makes thru annual dues.

Historical perspective - Top 10 BDPA Chapters (Nov 2009)

What are your thoughts about the value of BDPA membership? What can your local chapter do to improve the value-proposition for you on a personal or professional level?

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