Saturday, October 18, 2014

Message from Midwest Region Vice President

Michael & Elizabeth Wulf
Greetings Midwest Presidents!

Many of you know my wife, Elizabeth, and I raised money by doing We created a unique way to raise awareness and enough money towards establishing a BDPA learning management platform that is dedicated to broadening the reach of BDPA tech education out to the kids in the community. Initially to impact our youth ... then adults, veterans and so forth. This promise to you was also part of my campaign speech as Regional VP so our collaborative need to make delivery of BDPA services in education easier for you as a chapter leader.

We (a lot of people) have been very successful in establishing a Moodle LMS hosting environmentl  Now we are implementing a 10 week (20 module) set of courses.  For example, HTML, CSS and JavaScript modules make up one course.

We have branded this effort "BDPA Academy". The new website name is http://BDPA.Academy

BDPA Academy is NOT THE HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) in any way, shape or form. It is a set of courses that can be used as a feeder to HSCC over time by harvesting excited students interested in deepening their options, education, and career in programming. It is a great way to engage new learners and give them options in IT.

It is also intended to help chapters establish a consistent & sustainable SITES program without losing intellectual training property every time a volunteer turns over. It is also a way to provide membership value and add to the many BDPA opportunities to donate and join.

Here is our roll-out schedule:
  • Spring 2015: we introduce Level 1-HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Fall 2015:  we build out a Level 2-JavaScript, algorithm, database - type course and release it for Spring 2016. Yet another HSCC prep course for you to leverage.
  • Spring 2016: we offer a Level 3 set of language and application integration courses that you could use to identify your future participants for either the comprehensive SITES program or the more specific HSCC program.  Level 3 focus would be on C#, PhP and Java.
  • Fall 2016: we will seek certification either from the IT industry or self-certification. The curriculum will leverage resources that provide certificates (such as W3Schools).  Chapters or students may initially select to subsidize these certificates but we hope current efforts by some chapters will help refine and deliver this collaboratively in time.
The beauty of BDPA Academy is we'll also expand offerings beyond just programming to facilitate other areas of IT ...  such as cyber security, infrastructure, hardware, OS, mobile tech, Google, office productivity and more.

This is your personal invitation to join the February 2015 launch.

What we need to deploy the BDPA Academy in your chapter is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. A physical location with 5-10 computers
  2. A truly dependable and dedicated teacher with HTML/CSS experience *and* an assistant.
  3. A willingness to "facilitate learning" of the curriculum and provide feedback along the way to BDPA Academy so we can refine and create a rock solid platform for national release in 2016.
If your SITES program is already solid then please keep up the awesome work! If you think there is value for your SITES program, this could be part of a two-year strategy to build a great program and feed HSCC team.

If your SITES program is solid ... but you struggle with a pipeline of students each year or have a willing volunteer teacher but no course structure then consider taking this out to a community center like a Boys & Girls club and use it to impact even more youth. This will deepen their membership passion and value as BDPA.

We hope to enroll 100 new students in the 2015 BDPA Academy.   We want to double that number to 1,000 in the 2016 BDPA Academy.

This invite is sent to Midwest presidents for the launch year. As your regional officers, it is extremely important Eric and I provide you with options and opportunities to grow and strengthen your chapter. Many of you as well as other leaders in BDPA have shared this vision. Eric and I are proud to be in our roles to see this through as your regional team.

Please contact me directly ( if you have questions or wish to discuss further.  I'm very interested to know if you think this is of interest within your chapter!

Michael Wulf, vice president
BDPA Midwest Region
Twitter: @MichaelGWulf

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