Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Message from BDPA Atlanta President

Derrick Brown
The last week in September was a tremendously busy and very progressive week for BDPA Atlanta. I have to say as I have said all year, for those of you that have not been in attendance, where have you been?

You are sincerely missing out on networking opportunities, good food, libations, and discussions that change the direction and trajectory of thought, and thereby action. We are putting in motion ideas that uplift our communities, and let me put it in plain terms so you’ll better understand...

These opportunities will lead to cash money in your pocket.

There, I said it. Can I reasonably say that when it comes to voluntary engagement with an organization designed to support IT professionals from the classroom to the boardroom? Well, in case it isn’t clearly implicit to you in the national motto let me make it clear by describing just what kind of week this was, and why you may have missed an opportunity to put money in your pocket.

One of my personal quotes is "Build a network, leverage a network, create an opportunity".

Read the rest of 'The Push for Minority Excellence' by BDPA Atlanta chapter president Derrick Brown.

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