Thursday, February 28, 2008

Final Call for Papers | BDPA IT Showcase

Soulclap to Perry Carter for this information!

Bracketology 2.0

BDPA IT Showcase Marches to Math Madness!

Open Enrollment--2008 IT Showcase!
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Computer Models + Bracketology = Field of 65

The NCAA's Rating Percentage Index (RPI) was created in 1981 to provide supplemental data for NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committees to evaluate the best teams for at-large selections and seedings within regional 'pods' in quests of championship brackets. The RPI is intended to be used as one of many resources available to NCAA committees in their selection, seeding and bracketing process. Nonetheless, the RPI merely is an evaluation tool complimenting the subjectivity of each committee member.

Even today, complex algorithms and computer models cannot accurately evaluate qualitative factors such as games missed by coaches or key players, travel difficulties, team performances within the last twelve games, or emotional aspects of specific games. Someday, expert systems may be able to accomplish this goal--but how?

High school and college students already know this equation. Now is the time to really do the math! Do something innovative about IT. BDPA is looking for students in high school, junior college, trade schools, or universities who may not only serve as Chairmen and Chairwomen of 'The Boards' and command respect on the courts, but are ready to hoop-IT-up by earning awards, scholarships, and internship opportunities simply by writing a very short paper and telling a panel of judges about IT. Industry mentors are available for the assist.

Parents, teachers, and coaches, are asked to download our March 2008 issue of
bdpatoday, and review its IT Showcase Handbook enclosure with any student. Then, have him or her identify any profitable or costly activity directly related to the multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment industry, and go for the slam dunk! Use our IT Showcase to write about a new or favorite technology, an advanced math concept, or explain an improved software (simulations, graphics, or statistics) application used to help teams or leagues in any sport become more competitive. What would IT take?

Ballers! Your Final Call for Papers is March 28, 2008.

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