Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tim Brown (Eli Lilly & Company) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Professional Achievement

Tim Brown won the BDPA Epsilon Award for Professional Achievement last year. He is currently working with the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation to obtain funding necessary for the 2008 SITES program conducted by our BDPA Indianapolis chapter.

Tim created impressive educational and career experiences for himself since receiving his first degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990. After completing his Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Engineering, Tim focused on building his career experiences in Engineering and Project Management. Upon joining Eli Lilly and Company in 1999, Tim supported their Infrastructure group as he built on his own project management, operations management, and vendor management skills and expertise. During this time, Tim also pursued and completed an Executive MBA, thus completing the foundation to ensure his future leadership path.

Tim's community involvement includes supporting and developing youth in Indiana through participation and leadership roles in 100 Black Men of Indianapolis; Marion County Commission on Youth; Mentoring and Coaching of 4th graders in math and science programs; Indianapolis Public School Advisory Board; and also through his recruiting initiatives on behalf of Purdue University to reach into Indiana high schools to foster math and science interest. Tim’s history of community service demonstrates that his passion to advance the youth of today and future leaders of tomorrow is second only to his immeasurable ability to “give” of himself to that cause.

BDPA and Eli Lilly are both fortunate to have an individual who has chosen to give back to our youth and community, while delivering tremendous professional value within our organization as well. Please share your insights if you live in Indianapolis or work with Tim. We would love to learn more here on our humble blog...

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