Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grant Recipient: BDPA Philadelphia ($568)

The BDPA Foundation approved $ 568 grant funding to BDPA Philadelphia chapter. The funds will be used to assist procurement of lodging for chapter HSCC students and chaperones during the national competition in Atlanta, GA in August 5-10, 2008.

BETF provided partial funding. The initial request from the chapter was for $3,375. The chapter will look towards its 'virtual cash account', corporate sales and coupon book fundraiser to make up the difference.

Please consider making tax-deductible donation to the BDPA Foundation so that we might continue to fund these programs in the future. We need the funds in order to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the 'classroom to the boardroom'. What are you waiting for? Please make a small donation right now!

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