Thursday, June 12, 2008

Message from Columbus Chapter President

Cecil Jones is the president of the BDPA Columbus chapter. I first met Cecil at a program meeting hosted by the BDPA Cincinnati chapter back in 1999. He has been an active and vocal supporter of BDPA ever since I've known him. He moved to Columbus and got married in the intervening years. In 2007, he took on the challenge to serve as president of the 11th largest chapter in the nation.

He recently shared this message with his chapter members and supporters:

"A HUGE Thanks! goes out to Jim Locke, Kym Miller, Lance Livingstonston, our Columbus HSCC students and parents. The 2008 Midwest Regional High School Computer Competition held last weekend in Cincinnati was a success!!

Additionally, we need a volunteer to call and work with the following people (one person per bullet). Just one easy task.
  • Associate Dean, Engineering College, Dr. Minnie McGee at OSU - call her and ask how we can get her Engineering students involved in the our chapter and in HSCC. Dr. McGee is the mother of our one our JPMorgan Chase sponsors. I worked on an OSU Scholarship committee with her. Anyone volunteering for this assignment would be blessed to work with this dedicated sister.

  • Technology Education College on Winchester Pike - I met with them last night. They have students that should be BDPA members. I will give you the Director's name and number. They are ready for us.

  • BDPA member who was the past president of a LARGE Devry Black student organization - work with with to tell Devry about BDPA and our meetings.

One of our challenges is the same as many organizations. We have 10% of the members doing 90% of the work. If you are one of the 90% that are not engaged, please volunteer for ONE task - just one - and our organization will more effectively fulfill its mission. Please email me or call me to get engaged.

Here is my personal testimony on the power of being a BDPA volunteer:

  1. BDPA helped me fulfill one of my spiritual obligations ('help others').

  2. The relationships obtained working with BDPA has helped me financially (contracts and services - ask me how,!).

  3. It has helped in preparing for various IT certifications.

  4. Call me and ask me how it helped me move from one organization to another within 3 weeks including the 2 week notice via BDPA members and sponsors (three different times; build your well before you need to use it).

  5. After speaking on a panel during one of our BDPA meetings, I was offered (a) an adjunct professorship and (b) a contract. Neither required an interview.

  6. By volunteering to interact with sponsors and others, I have obtained board memberships that allow me to learn, serve and financially benefit.

Please volunteer and let BDPA help you.

Cecil Jones, president
BDPA Columbus Chapter
Phone: (614) 736-1100

Are there any Columbus-area blog readers out there? If so, now is the time for you to step up and support the efforts of BDPA Columbus chapter to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the classroom to the boardroom!

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