Sunday, June 1, 2008

BDPA on Facebook

I resisted the constant pressure to join Facebook for many years. However, last month I joined Facebook as part of effort to promote the BDPA Foundation. I have been pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of this social network.

I have made connections with high school friends, college friends, BDPA colleagues, Black bloggers, BDPA keynote speakers and BDPA High School Computer Competition alumni. However, I haven't found many relatives online yet.

Here are some BDPA-related Facebook groups:

  1. Black Data Processing Associates (Global) - 65 members
  2. BDPA Chicago - 39 members
  3. BDPA - 28 members
  4. BDPA Southern Minnesota - 25 members
  5. BDPA High School Computer Competition Alumni - 24 members
  6. BDPA Richmond - 24 members
  7. BDPA Atlanta - 5 members
  8. BDPA Philadelphia - 2 members
Here are some other Facebook groups that you might be interested in checking out:
  1. Blackonomics Million Dollar Club - BMDC overview
  2. Afrosphere Bloggers Association - ABA website
  3. Blacks Gone Geek - BGG blog
    Call on Fox News to Fire Liz Trotta - see weak apology from Liz Trotta

I invite you to connect with me on Facebook. Mostly, I would be very interested to learn about your experience with Facebook? Positive? Negative? Or are you simply refusing to check out Facebook at all?

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