Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alcoa Foundation

Alcoa Foundation is a nonprofit U.S. corporate foundation with assets of more than half-billion dollars. Its mission is to actively invest in the quality of life in Alcoa communities worldwide. Throughout it history, Alcoa Foundation has been a source of positive community change and enhancement, with over $570 million invested since 1952.

A significant percentage of their grants originate in Alcoa communities. The Foundation's focus for funding is around four distinct Areas of Excellence: Conservation and Sustainability, Safe and Healthy Children and Families, Global Education and Workplace Skills, and Business and Community Partnerships.

They give priority consideration to programs and organizations in or near communities where Alcoa plants or offices are located. Organizations interested in applying for a grant should contact the Alcoa facility nearest them. Local Alcoa contacts in their communities will then make recommendations to Alcoa Foundation for funding.

Unsolicited proposals are discouraged and are not likely to be funded.

For all grant inquiries, it is recommended that a concept paper be submitted via e-mail to the local Alcoa grant contact or to Alcoa Foundation before a formal grant proposal is prepared. The concept paper will be reviewed by the Alcoa location contact or by an Alcoa Foundation staff member, and they will contact the organization.

If the local Alcoa contact or Alcoa Foundation staff member is interested in the proposed project, a discussion will be initiated with the organization in order to agree on the specific project and grant amount which will be recommended for funding to Alcoa Foundation. Once agreement is reached on these items and all other details of the grant request, the organization will be given specific instructions on how to submit an on-line application to Alcoa Foundation.

The submission of a concept paper does not guarantee funding from Alcoa or Alcoa Foundation.

Let us know if you are interested in partnering with BDPA on grant proposal to Alcoa Foundation. It would be helpful if your chapter has Alcoa employees in its membership *or* if you are co-located with an Alcoa facility.
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