Tuesday, April 29, 2014

President Profile: Derrick Brown (BDPA Atlanta)

BDPA Atlanta was founded in June 1981. It is a chapter with a powerful legacy in the BDPA family. Two former chapter presidents (Teresa Williams and Felicia Jones) were later elected as officers in the BDPA South Region. The current BDPA Atlanta chapter president -- Derrick Brown -- is taking the chapter to even higher levels under his leadership.

Derrick Brown, President
BDPA Atlanta Chapter

PO Box 726
Duluth, GA 30096

Derrick was initially elected to the BDPA Atlanta chapter board of directors in 2011.  He became president of the chapter in August 2013 and worked with his leadership team to lay out a vision and plan for 2014 programs, scholarships and services.

Derrick's Favorite Quote: "The path to wisdom is brightly illuminated by the light of perspective."

Derrick Sherroid Brown is a manager with Macy’s Systems & Technology responsible for the envisioning, planning, budgeting, development, and implementation of highly complex systems applications. His level of responsibility requires dynamic management of diverse, disparate technical and business oriented teams; strong communication and coordination with customers, partners, upper-management, as well as peers, direct reports, and parallel development teams, both onshore and offshore. He is a powerful team player, exemplary leader, superior communicator, and in-depth critical thinker. He focuses these considerable skills on the task of making his team and organization successful.

Derrick's Motto: "Lifting as we climb."

Derrick Sherroid Brown is also D.S. Brown. He is an author, a true lover of the written word. For him, writing is a passion. Like so many others in the wide world he is striving to give the stories in his mind a voice. He is seeking to continuously evolve his writing skill. To this end, he wakes up well before dawn, first to exercise his body, then to exercise his mind. He sets himself before his keyboard, and reaches for mental dexterity, complexity, and passion. He crafts involved, convoluted, but very entertaining drama, action, or romance, whatever comes to mind. This is his fiction. Then, he may switch, and concentrate on facts, common issues that are relevant to the common person. He will write zealously about that which he feels is of vital importance to everyone, not just the privileged few. All he would ask of you, his partner in this writing adventure is this … take a moment to discover his work. It is his sincerest desire that you find favor with what he writes. Enjoy his words. If you don't, then take a moment to tell him why.

Derrick shared some of his insights about BDPA on recent episodes of both the BDPA iRadio Show and Technology Expresso CafeDerrick truly enjoyed his experiences at the 2013 BDPA Technology Conference held in Washington DC.  I hope that his words inspire others to make plans to attend the next BDPA conference!

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