Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where Are They Now: 2003 BDPA Leaders

One of the things that I love to do with this blog is highlight the legacy of our organization. In the past, we have asked 'Where Are They Now?' about:
Today, we ask the question about the brothers and sisters who served as BDPA leaders in 2003. I would love for these powerful brothers and sisters to come visit with us on this blog. Perhaps we can get them to POST A COMMENT to let us know what they are up to now. Here are those 2003 leaders:

  • Vercilla Brown, executive director
  • Milt Haynes, national president
  • Wayne Hicks, national president-elect
  • Rick Giraudy, national VP-Finance
  • Donna McKay, national VP-Strategy & Planning
  • Reggie Gardner, national VP-Member Services
  • Brooks Baker, national VP-Membership Management
  • Renee McClure, national immediate past president
  • Earl Pace, founder
  • Bob Blackwell, outside director
  • Will Bundy, outside director
  • Michael McCrimmon, outside director
  • Anita Vega, national conference treasurer
  • Janice Coleman, national conference planner
  • Cris Levy, national conference planner
  • Jeffry Kimble, national parliamentarian
  • Ricky Penick, chapter president liaison

These are remarkable brothers and sisters. I hope that you will share your thoughts and rememberances on the 2003 BDPA leadership team down in the POST A COMMENT link down below. What say u?
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