Thursday, September 10, 2009

BDPA LinkedIn Group Hits 1,200 Members!

by Keith Warrick

Another important milestone for BDPA was achieved today when the BDPA LinkedIn group hit 1,200 members! This is only after reaching 1,000 members just three short months ago!

We continue to make our mark in the exploding and burgeoning world of social media by creating the largest concentration of IT professionals of color on LinkedIn but we still have more work to do.

So, for every IT professional that you know that is not on LinkedIn or not in this group, please tell them what they are missing and invite them to join us.

Remember that membership increases the expanse of your network so the more members, the deeper your network reach when you need to reach out for assistance and expertise that you may not possess. This all translates to better and increased networking opportunities as Wayne mentioned when we hit 1,000 members.

We are still looking to read about any success stories as a consequence of being connected via this group so please share them with us.

Congratulations go out to Aaron Jones of Houston, Texas for becoming member 1,200!

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