Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe McMahon * BDPA Career Achievement Award

BDPA Epsilon Awards recognize individual achievement by technologists who are nominated by BDPA chapters or corporate sponsors. One of the five award areas is career achievement. Joe McMahon (Sabre Systems) earned the 2009 Epsilon Career Achievement Award.

His nomination read as follows:

Sabre Systems is proud to nominate Joe McMahon for the 2009 BDPA Epsilon Award. Joe's superior performance has distinquished him from his peers throughout his career of more than 20 years as a technology leader, innovator and mentor. He reached the executive ranks on his steadfast ability to effect change, work seamlessly with senior corporate and military leaders, all while ensuring development of subordinate leaders. He is the founder of two BDPA chapters -- Baton Rouge and Hampton Roads.

As a leader of technology advancements, Joe has made a lasting impact on transformational technology. He served as Deputy Director for Innovation and Experimentation for the Navy's Network Warfare Command where he directed military, government civilian, contractor support and foreign military employees in strategic planning, technology discovery, concept development, experimentation, assessments and new systems integration.

He skillfully supervised technology development across more than 50 agencies including military, industry, research laboratories, academic institutions and foreign governments. His team integrated over 300 military technology capabilities for naval ships and shore installments.

He directly influenced over $500M in defense acquisitions for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps customers. As department head for military aviation operations, he directed and supervised the first fleet installation and operational deployment of AGM-65 Maverick missle system and CAINS II Navigation system for the S-3B aircraft.

Joe was instrumental in bringing the US Navy to the 2009 national BDPA Technology Conference in Raleigh NC earlier this year.

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