Saturday, February 20, 2010

Koret Foundation

An entrepreneurial spirit guides the Koret Foundation in addressing societal challenges and strengthening Bay Area life. Investing in strategic, local solutions, they help to inspire a multiplier effect – encouraging collaborative funding and developing model initiatives. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Koret adds to the region’s vitality by promoting educational opportunity, contributing to a diverse cultural landscape, and bolstering organizations that are innovative in their approaches to meeting community needs.

Combining policy analysis with a grantmaking program that supports reform measures with the greatest potential to stimulate improvement in the K–12 public school system, Koret works to effectively enhance educational quality.

Koret welcomes grant proposals by invitation and by application.

By Invitation: Their program staff proactively surveys nonprofit organizations engaged in innovative, exemplary work in areas of interest to Koret, and invites those with compelling projects to submit grant applications. In addition to allowing them to partner with organizations that are addressing societal challenges and strengthening Bay Area life, this process helps them to leverage their funds, creating collaborative partnerships and planning for dissemination of replicable models.

By Letter of Inquiry: Just as they value long-term partnership as a pathway to making the greatest impact, they understand that their eyes and ears cannot see and hear the breadth of creative activity underway in the diverse Bay Area’s nonprofit sector. For that reason, Koret Foundation welcomes letters of inquiry within their program interests. They invite interested applicants to review those program areas and complete a letter of inquiry in order to initiate a dialogue with their staff.
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