Tuesday, February 9, 2010

National Conference on Science Education—Philadelphia 2010

I encourage BETF-Blog readers to check out what’s in store for science education next year, teachers and administrators can count on unmatched face-to-face professional development through NSTA’s annual event. The conference scheduled for March 18-21 in historic Philadelphia, program strands include:
  • Meeting the Unique Needs of Urban and Rural Science Learners
  • Connecting Content: Between, Within, and Among Subjects
  • Closing the Digital Generation Gap Between Teachers and Students
  • Rekindling the Fires of Science Teaching and Learning
The kickoff begins on Wednesday, March 17, with ten content-driven, in-depth institutes (PDIs) and their follow-on pathway sessions along with a research dissemination conference called Keeping Elementary Primary: Current Research and Best Practices for Quality Instruction.

Attendees can find symposia with follow-on web seminars and intensive short courses meant to build content knowledge in a wide range of topics critical to teachers in all science disciplines. Nearly 2,000 concurrent sessions are available for every grade band and for the newest preservice teacher to the career professional who writes curriculum or policy. Add to that, the NSTA conference offers terrific field trips, networking with peers and pros, and speakers like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Greg Marshall, a scientist, inventor, and filmmaker, who developed the Crittercam.

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