Friday, February 19, 2010

Grant Proposal: SunTrust Bank Foundation (Atlanta)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) and BDPA Atlanta chapter submitted a grant proposal to the SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation.

SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation is funded entirely by contributions from the earnings of SunTrust Bank Atlanta, formerly known as Trust Company Bank of Georgia. The Foundation makes grants to non-profit organizations in Metropolitan Atlanta.

The geographic focus of this fund is Metropolitan Atlanta ONLY. Community benefit and return on investment are primary considerations in distribution decisions.

The Trustees will consider requests for grants for capital improvements such as buildings, furniture and equipment, and alterations to existing structures. Applications will be considered for special projects of a community nature, special studies, surveys, research and pilot programs which do not commit the funds to recurring expenditures.

Grants from the Foundation are made by the Distribution Committee to non-profit Metropolitan Atlanta organizations that have legitimate needs and a worthwhile purpose. This fund will not consider requests for general operating support such as salaries, maintenance, and debt service, and requests by political organizations, churches or individuals. Usually grants will only be made to organizations with records of successful operation without a deficit for at least a year.

Other Committee considerations include:
  • Emphasis on Metropolitan Atlanta
  • Organization/community coordination and support
  • Timeliness and precedence
  • Organization management and governance
  • Grant multiplier effect
  • Human value and self-help emphasis
  • Ultimate benefit to the community
  • Financial management
  • Implementation of a Strategic Plan
All proposals submitted to the SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation are automatically considered for funding from the English, Marshall, Woolford, Rich, Elkin, and Greene-Sawtell Funds. Only one application form is needed to apply to all seven funds.

Grant Requests and Inquiries should be mailed to:

Mr. Raymond B. King, Senior Vice President
Community and Government Affairs
SunTrust Bank, Atlanta
P.O. Box 4418, Mail Code 041
Atlanta, GA 30302

For telephone inquiries, please call Ms. Kay Miller at (404) 588-8250.

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