Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 10 BDPA Chapters (Membership, Feb 2010)

The lifeblood of any professional association is its membership. The incoming administration composed of the elected and appointed officers, BDPA Founder and the Executive Director developed a short and long term strategy that aligns with the BDPA mission and brings the organization to focus on the primary product of the organization, its members and membership by executing a shared vision of: Taking Membership to the Next Level.

This new and powerful vision is critical for our organization. We have less members than at any time since Feb 2002.

Personally, I plan to help the incoming administration raise morale and engage the membership in ways that allow BDPA to flourish again. We can ill-afford another two years as rough as we experienced in 2008-2009.

The 45 BDPA chapters in BDPA-nation average 39 members (down 10 from last quarter).

There is some good news in the membership numbers. We welcome two new entrants into the top ten. BDPA Southern Minnesota (president, Charlie Perkins) joined the top ten list for the first time since May 2008. BDPA New York (president, Judaea Lane) entered the top ten list for the first time since Sep 2009.

BDPA Dallas (president, Chris Johnson) and BDPA New Jersey (president, Coram Rimes) each rose one spot in the rankings since last quarter.

BDPA Cincinnati (president, Wanda Gray) dropped one spot to 8th place. BDPA Richmond (president, Jamar Arvin) and BDPA Washington DC (president, Perry Carter) each dropped off the top 10 list this month.

Finally, we celebrate the fact that BDPA Chicago (president, Pamela Sexton) maintains its place as the largest chapter in the nation for the 34th month in a row!

The top ten chapters in terms of membership as of 2/1/2010 are:
  1. Chicago - (chapter president shown in photo)
  2. Triangle
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Atlanta
  5. Southern Minnesota (rose 8 places since Nov 2009)
  6. Detroit
  7. Dallas - (jumped one place since Nov 2009)
  8. Cincinnati - (dropped one place since Nov 2009)
  9. New Jersey - (jumped one place since Nov 2009)
  10. New York - (jumped one place since Nov 2009)
The first three (3) chapters on this list are in the BDPA Century Club with at least 100 members. BDPA Chicago chapter tops the list with 282 members!

BDPA Education & Technology Foundation provided over $175,000 in funding last year to support the programs and services carried out by these chapters at local level. Our hope is that you will consider making a donation to BETF this year. You can securely donate online or you can give BETF a call on (513) 284-4968 to discuss your pledge offline.

What are your thoughts on membership in BDPA?

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